Consoles fixed

Get your console fixed

Have you got a broken Games Console which has run out of warranty with the Manufacture? Have you contacted the Manufacture and they don’t support the problems you’ve been experiencing with your console? Have the Manufacture quoted you for a repair which is hundreds of £’s? We can help!

We provide a Gadget repair service which covers all Games consoles, MP3 Players, Mobile Phones and other broken gadgets you may have around the house.

We can fix broken screens, faulty touch pads or consoles that don’t power up or get a video output on screen.

All repairs come with a free no obligation estimate. All repairs are covered by a 30 day warranty along with phone line support.

how the service works

4 Easy Steps

1. You can fill in an online form, email us or phone our support desk. Let us know what console you have and the problems you have been experiencing.

2. We will then let you know what we think is wrong with your console and what would need to be done to fix it. We will then put together an approximate costing to fix your console. If you are still interested in having your console fixed we will give you a customer number which you need to put on the front of the package when you send it in.

3. Once your package is received we will send you an email letting you know that it has been safely received. Your console is then hooked up to our diagnostic setup, which we use to test your console. We then contact a number of suppliers getting the best prices for parts that are needed to get your console up and running. (for most common faults parts are held in stock)

4. When parts are delivered we then fit them and fully test your console. Testing includes your console being tested for 8 hours in game play to ensure it really is fixed. It’s then safely packaged up and sent back you via a fully insured courier. You then get a fully working system which hasn’t broken the bank!

All repairs come with full warranty.