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pc / laptop repairs

pc / laptop repairspc / laptop repairs

All aspects of PC / Laptop repairs are carried out. 90% of all fixes can be done over the phone via the internet. All repairs are carried out by our partner company Stupid PC

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common faults

No Power
Doesn't boot up. No lights when turning on.

No Picture
Pc / Laptop lights are on but no image being displayed on TV. 'No Signal' displayed on screen

No Sound
PC / Laptop starts up but with no sound.

LCD screen is broken or cracked
Laptop screen is physically damaged.

Not Reading / Recognizing CD's DVD's
PC / Laptop switches on but doesn't discs.

Freezing on startup
PC / Laptop crashes during boot up.

Liquid Damage
PC / Laptop has had liquid spilt on it.

Keyboard / Touch Pad
Keyboard touchpad not working.

Programs not working correctly.

Cannot connect to the internet. Problems with wireless internet.

Downloaded virus or spyware.

This is a list of the most common PC / Laptop repairs that are carried out. If your fault is not included on this page don’t worry, it can still be fixed.


All repairs come with full warranty.

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