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sat nav's repaired

sat nav's repairedsat nav's repaired

We repair all makes and models of Sat Nav's. All repairs are carried out.

common faults

Battery Replacement
Camera runs out of charge quickly.

Front Casing
Damaged, Cracked

Rear Casing
Damaged, Cracked

Full Housing
Damaged, Cracked

LCD Replacement
Damaged or cracked.

Liquid Damage
Liquid spilt over iPod.

Black Screen
Sat Nav switches on but with black screen.

Damaged or cracked.

SD Card / Internal Memory
Sat Nav won't recognize SD card or internal memory.

This is a list of the most common Sat Nav repairs that are carried out. If your fault is not included on this page don’t worry, it can still be fixed.


All repairs come with full warranty.

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